Friday, 16 December 2016


It's great to see the continued growth of the Buzzard population locally here in Limerick and the surrounding areas.  2016 has brought the largest number of records of the species in County Limerick, with reports coming from 29 different locations around the County.  The birds have been most visible in March and early April when presumed breeding pairs were displaying and again in   the autumn months of October and November when juvenile birds have been more prominent. They now appear to be well established throughout the eastern and central parts parts of the County. 

The first winter bird above was photographed in Curraghchase, one of the most reliable locations in the County for the seeing the species.  The Country's motorway network also produces many sightings; the first winter bird below has been seen on sereral occasions in the past few months near the M7/M20 intersection.

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