Monday, 28 March 2016

King Eider

I got an opportunity to catch up with one of the two wintering King Eiders in the country last week (20/3/2016) when I made it up to Sligo with Tony Mee to see the spectacular male that has been in the Cullamore-Ballyconnell are since last January.   It was associating with a small group of Common Eiders just off the rock ledges at Ardmeen, Ballyconnell.  

The flock was initially a little wary of us and swam off southwestwards along the coast line but they eventually turned back and passed by us giving some excellent views.  As the terrain didn't lend itself  to bringing along the heavy camera gear I had to settle for a few record shots with small camera.

Male King Eider

King Eider with male Common Eider

King Eider with male and two female Common Eiders

We also got some nice views of the Common Eiders, a species we don't get to see too often in the southwest.

Common Eiders

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