Sunday, 1 September 2013

White-tailed Eagles

I made another trip out to Mountshannon, Lough Derg last week to see the recently fledged White-tailed Eagles and their parents. It was an early morning start and the weather was quite dull and misty at times so conditions were not ideal for photography. Never the less it proved to be a great trip as both the juvenile birds and the parents were quite active, giving some very good views at times.  The young birds have now started to make forays away from their natal island to the adjoining islands as well as the lake shore.

Juvenile White-tailed Eagles ©Tom Tarpey

The adult female bird had been absent for long periods post fledging so it was great to see her in the area again.  She moved around quite a bit in the early morning, passing by the nest site and the young birds at least once during our two hour trip.  She looks a little ragged at present  as she is on the process of replacing several molted primary and secondary wing feathers.

Adult female White-tailed Eagle ©Tom Tarpey

We came across the male towards the end of the trip, flying away from the nesting island towards one of his favoured perches.  He appeared have delivered some food to the juveniles near the nest site.

Adult male White-tailed Eagle ©Tom Tarpey


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