Thursday, 15 August 2013

Juvenile White-tailed Eagles

I finally got to see the recently fledged White-tailed Eagles on Lough Derg at Mountshannon, Co. Clare at close quarters earlier this week.  Early on Monday morning the two young birds were sitting on a dead tree awaiting the delivery of food.  The arrival of the adult male generated bouts of excited calling by all three birds before he departed again on a fishing trip.

Juvenile White-tailed Eagles ©Tom Tarpey
Adult male White-tailed Eagle ©Tom Tarpey

Juvenile White-tailed Eagle ©Tom Tarpey

In the absence of food one of the young birds moved down to the shoreline. The second bird eventually left its perch and flew around the shoreline out of sight, before eventually returning and landing on one of the rocks protruding at the waters edge. Both birds then continued to explore the shoreline in between making occasional trips back to various perches on nearby dead trees.

Juvenile White-tailed Eagle ©Tom Tarpey

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